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While Looking for some news articles to read today I took a look at  What I Like about this news site as a website in general is the formating of the headlines.  It’s easy to read, quick to find, and makes scrolling for a story simple. I also find it interesting how they incorporate social media into the articles themselves and with a side bar on the right hand side that allows you to share, like, +1, or follow whatever the article is about.  This site utilizies photographs and video nicely as well, by offering links to images and clips about related topics.  I especially like all the different categories to spend time going through and reading about.

However, I find the actual stories themselves to be too soft, in terms of hard and soft news.  Under the latest headlines the first few headlines seem to be legitimate important national news.  News about recent military action and government activities is important to know about, it is imperative to being an informed citizen. Unfortunately, as you continue down the stretch the headlines make me scratch my head and ask myself, “Is this actual news to Americans?” 

It makes me sad to think that a headline that reads “Bacon – New cure for Nosebleeds”  would ever make it to the printers, or the homepage.  This is followed by who Jay Leno is now offending, Demi Moore’s latest trip to rehab, and Tim Gunn’s sex life details…  Seriously is this what people care about or is this just news reporters trying to make a quota of stories to post?  To me this isn’t News.  When did these “News sources” become so pathetic?  The writing itself is good, seems to follow the inverted pyramid format nicely, although I have not read the majority of the articles, but it doesn’t suck my eyeballs to the screen.  Maybe I’m just whining. To be honest, I don’t even think it’s I’m complaining about.  It’s who the gatekeepers and advertisers are shooting for that bugs me.  Our News doesn’t challenge us anymore, instead of hard to swallow and tough to tangle news, we get this tapioca stuff that’s easy to swallow and always settles in our stomach nicely. I guess that’s what sells these days.  Who wants to take the high road when the low road just built a standing escalator.




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  1. nicoleshoe ⋅

    Nice pick Luke. Back in the day, ABC was one of the most reputable news sources to go to, so I understand your frustration. However, they do have nice social sharing options.

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