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Is Twitter for Everyone?


This article gets at a question many of us have asked ourselves at point or another.  I myself was surrounded by “twits”, my insult for my friends who couldn’t stop checking their feeds, when I was in London this past summer.  They all demanded I get an account but I held strong until this semester.  I didn’t think it was for me, and I’m not positive it is yet.  We would be sitting at a pub or in a restaurant and at the table everyone would be staring at their phones laughing about the same Tweets and get into almost insider type conversations.  I found it to be very annoying, but now that I have one I understand the obsession a bit more, but I still need to find my place in the Twitter world.

When it comes to social media I’m just an observer.  I participate to some degree but you won’t see me updating my Facebook status more than once or twice a week, so why would I get a Twitter when that’s all you seem to do.  Now that I have an account I can tell why people get sucked in.  It can be addicting searching for people to follow, seeing what this particular community of users talks about and thinks about, making connections otherwise thought impossible.  It’s neat, it really is, but I still don’t think it’s for everyone.

The article makes a connection that Twitter is not for everyone and it is best suited for a certain kind of people.  People who are outgoing and charismatic seem to be the majority of users, however even the shy seem to be creeping onto the global Twitter stage.  As far as businesses go, not just people, I think that Twitter really benefits small bushiness owners and super mega global corporations.  The local business owners can find a niche in their market by offering deals through Twitter, and the big time players can be constantly getting feedback about their product or service and keep the public updated with it’s daily on-goings.

I think Twitter is best suited for the mobile person or company.  That entity that is always looking for new things or the fresh word on the street, those with smartphones or crackberry’s who can’t un-glue their faces.  For the people like me who don’t really participate in social media, but rather tag along to make sure you’re not left out it is still a toss up.  So far I can never really find anything to Tweet about, maybe I’m boring, maybe I’m shy, but when it comes down to it I just don’t think people give a shit.  I know I don’t.  So why throw random thoughts out into the global platform if they don’t really mean anything.

So here’s my final word of advice if you’re considering Twitter.  If you have a smartphone you are addicted to and you check your Facebook on it more than twice a day, Twitter is probably for you.  If you update your status’s regularly, Twitter is probably for you.  If you like hearing about things very quickly, Twitter is probably for you.  If you’re just a regular shmoe like me then you’re probably not going to see the big whoopie and get frustrated with the early stage introduction.  I suggest getting an account and making a tweet once everyday or so for a week or two, by then you should have a good understanding of where you stand on this argument and act accordingly from there.  Who knows, you could be the next big trend.




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