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Winehouse Coroner Steps Down and Potentially Re-Opens Case.

A summary of the article below.


In London, Suzanne Greenaway, the coroner who oversaw the inquest of the death of Amy Winehouse and ruled her to have died of accidental alcohol poisoning, has resigned officially as of Wednesday after news of her qualifications being inadequate according to british law came out.  Amy’s relatives were unsure of what legal actions to take next and how to handle the news. 

Appointed by her husband, Andrew Reid, in 2009 did not cross any legal lines but could have potentially breached professional guidelines.  Greenaway had not been a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as required by the rules. She had practiced law for a decade in her native Australia. I believed at the time that her experience as a solicitor and barrister in Australia satisfied the requirements of the post,” Reid said in a statement Wednesday. “In November of last year it became apparent that I had made an error in the appointment process and I accepted her resignation.”

The local authority’s have claimed the error was made in good faith but that there will be a following investigation into the matter.  All of the parts of the inquests that are now under question have been deemed to have been done properly but are offering to hold them again if the the family of Winehouse wishes to do so.  Unsure of the sudden news, the Winehouse family has not yet decided its next steps in the matter and are taking legal advice until they make a decision later on.  The inquests could be deemed invalid if the family challenges verdict in court but a Tweet from a father , Mitch,  says “Don’t worry about coroner nonsense. We are all OK.”

 Winehouse was found dead in late July by a security guard in her bed at home.  At the October inquest, Greenaway delivered a verdict of “death by misadventure,” saying the singer suffered accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after weeks of abstinence.  Amy, often in the headlines for lewd and destructive behavior is known to have drawn on personal demons for inspiration which have helped her create some of her grammy-winning works.  It appears unlikely that another inquest will reveal different results for the family as an empty bottle of vodka was discovered at the scene.  Amy was a five time Grammy award-winning singer with a following that covered the globe and an impact that will not be soon forgotten.



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